NLP Standards

Comparing apples to apples in the world of NLP

An old great friend of mine became a dentist a long time ago. I remember having a conversation with him about the long journey he had taken. First he worked hard going back to school to learn all the things he needed to learn to get into dental school….THEN he became a dental hygienist! His rationale was that he wanted to understand the world of dentistry one phase at a time. After he graduated, he went into dental school and did fantastic. He was top of his class! After becoming a dentist, he went on to specialize as an Orthodontist and then (after being bitten by a kid and vowing to not work with people who had sharp teeth LOL) became a Denturist.

So that one day when we talked about his long road to achieving the career of his dreams, we got on the subject of marks and standards. In his office, he pointed up at his massive wall of diplomas and said, “Hugh – do you see any marks there? There are no marks on diplomas. Diplomas are only as good as the standards they reflect and the marks that support them.

That was a good lesson. In the world of NLP too often the standards that exist are ignored simply because the field never was properly defined back in the early 1980s when Bandler and Grinder went their separate ways.

Does that mean standards are irrelevant? Hmm – consider this:

  • I certainly wouldn’t want have my teeth drilled by a dentist who went to a ‘bogus‘ university whose standards didn’t reflect the Canadian and International standards, and I’m guessing you wouldn’t either. 
  • If I needed surgery done, I wouldn’t want to first have to investigate the school that accredited my doctor as an MD. I’m guessing you’re with me on that too.
  • When I get on an airplane, I want the pilot who was properly trained – not some nut who learned his craft in a week!

NLP Standards MUST be upheld for people to get properly trained on the one hand, and for potential ‘clients’ to get the best possible NLP coaching. They deserve nothing less.

Now, as an NLP Trainer who has spent tens of thousands of dollars and hours learning and honing my craft I believe strongly in maintaining proper training standards, because people who seek NLP help deserve to be assisted or coached by someone who has more than a piece of paper – they have all the skills, understanding, respect for the field and have met the proper objective standards for accreditation.

That’s why when you see an NLP Centres CANADA or NLP DOJO Certification on someone’s wall, you know the NLP Practitioner has surpassed the Canadian Standards for accreditation and are fully qualified to help.

If you want to be a (properly) Certified NLP Practitioner,

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