Dojo Genesis

This is the story of how the NLP Dojo concept was born.
NLP is not martial arts, but it does share some attributes
of that world. Back in the winter of 2008 while training a
course that included a Black Belt in Karate who owns his
own Martial Arts Dojo in Barrie, Ontario, a conversation
occurred that changed the way I train NLP.

The question was; ‘Can you buy NLP Certification same way
unscrupulous Martial Arts trainers sometimes will confer belts
not based on skills but on money.

That inspired the further question; “What does having a Black
Belt (or an NLP certification) really mean?”.

After much discussion the answers were:  Yes and Nothing.

The worlds of NLP and martial arts worlds share many

  • There are many ‘styles’ but no single overarching
  • Trainers can promote themselves by making up styles,
    levels or techniques
  • You can find a rainbow of belts in different martial
disciplines, and the title ‘Master Trainer’ is an arbitrary
    designation made-up in the world of NLP.
  • Both fields can become very personality, guru or 
  • The rubber meets the road when it comes to skill,
    competence and the ability to get things done
  • The only solid value is in making sure that students
    acquire all the skills, competence and confidence
to be flexible and strong in any situation.

Back in the world of NLP, where “Certified Practitioner” means
anything from 2 – 18 days of training (sometimes ignoring
huge swaths of core competencies) which has put me in the
funny, awkward position of helping people who have taken
5 – 10-day NLP courses, then come to NLP Centres CANADA
requesting that we ‘fix’ their NLP training so they could become
competent. I’ve severely discounted further training for these
people for many reasons, not the least of which was rescuing the
NLP brand.

This was usually followed by the gratification of them expressing
their relief and satisfaction that we do actually deliver on our promise
of proper NLP training.

So now we come to the DOJO model of NLP.

If you’re new to the field, here is some cold hard truth: NLP
Training costs a few thousand dollars and requires 120 hours
minimum classroom training (to be trained properly).

If you’re not new to the field you are probably already aware of
the biggest roadblocks to NLP Training. Say it with me:
TimeMoney and Mystery.

  • How long is it going to take? – Time
  • How much will it cost? – Money
  • What am I going to get out of this and will I get trained
    properly  – Mystery

Now, if you think of a martial arts club you know it is going to
take some time, but you don’t know how much until you have
the SKILLS to perform all the requirements necessary to be an
expert (or Black Belt). You don’t know how much you’ll pay in
membership fees, but you do have an idea of what you’re going
to get out of BEING a black belt.

So here is what we’re about:

  • NLP Dojo Graduates will have more than 120 hours of
    Classroom Training
  • NLP Dojo Graduates will exceed all national and international
    standards of accreditation
  • NLP Dojo Graduates will be part of a group of NLP Professionals,
    spreading ethical NLP expertise in the worlds of business, 
    and growth
  • NLP Dojo Graduates will become advocates of Professional NLP
    Training, and trainers themselves of the more basic modules 
of NLP
  • NLP Dojo Graduates will form a community of peer-experts 
    their knowledge and understandings of NLP between, 
among and
    across their professional areas of interest.
  • NLP Dojo is a place of learning, expertise and understanding.

At NLP Dojo we are proud to provide you with

“The highest quality NLP training for a low monthly fee.”

Join the NLP Dojo