Q: What is the NLP Dojo?

A: NLP Dojo is a style of NLP Training that has weekly 2-hour classes on weekday evenings, weekend review sessions and a 5-band incremental tiered system that gives you access to the next level every few months, so your knowledge continues to grow as you continue training.

Q: How long will it take me to get certified in the NLP Dojo model?

A: It should take about 17 or 18 months to become fully Certified under the NLP Dojo model.

Q: How long does NLP Certification take?

A: The Canadian and International guidelines require “a minimum of 120 Classroom training hours…” Unfortunately most NLP Trainings don’t come close to this standard.

Q: Why does this model exist?

A: To solve the problem of Money/time investment that stops many prospective students from taking NLP training.

Q: Is the NLP Dojo only for people who haven’t been trained in NLP?

A: NOT AT ALL – one problem with being trained in NLP is finding people to practice with. The NLP Dojo is the perfect place to keep your NLP training investment alive.

Q: Who are you guys?
A: NLP Dojo is a ‘brand’ of NLP Centres CANADA. We’ve been training the highest quality NLP in Canada since 1981